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Leaders in service, we base our deliveries on the just in time philosophy for our customers, anticipate their needs and cover emergencies with safety inventories. We also provide customization for all our customers to suit their unique requirements. We evolve with them as industries and government regulations demand more along the supply chain.


We commercialize and distribute chemical specialties and high performance products for the different industries in the national and Central American market. We introduce new generations that improve product performance and are more sustainable and safer technologies for the final consumer.

Quality and Safety

With high quality standards, regular audits of our suppliers and our customers, in addition to aligning ourselves with the requirements of Integral Responsibility, we are sure that our processes are safe for our stakeholders and therefore more efficient for our customers.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission: We commercialize and distribute chemical specialties and high performance products for the different industries of the national and Central American market, with high quality standards, specialized and committed technical attention, in an efficient way to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Vision: To be leaders in service, quality, safety and innovation with a solid and active presence in the markets in which we participate in order to be the reliable supplier that our customers need.

Our Values



At Química Sagitario our most important asset is our employees and their ideas. their ideas. We are a dynamic, capable and united team.



We work every day with the intention to improve, we are passionate about exceeding the expectations of our clients and expectations of our customers and suppliers at all times.



At the heart of our actions is always respect; for our customers and suppliers, for the laws that apply to us, for our company and for each of our employees.



We are fully dedicated to our new projects, to proposing new ideas and implementing them, developing new generation products with our customers and suppliers and bringing innovative solutions to all the markets we serve.



We act in accordance with best practices, implementing mechanisms that help fight corruption and within the framework of appropriate ethical and moral conduct.



We work hand in hand with our business partners, always seeking to generate value for all stakeholders. to generate value for all our stakeholders. We align ourselves with the objectives of our industry and international organizations to be better every day and stay relevant in the long term.

Quality Policy

At Química Sagitario, we have experience, trajectory y recognition in the commercialization of chemical specialties y and high performance products within the industry ; In addition to meeting quality standards quality standards and in compliance to the applicable applicable requirements, to generate value in the productive chain, from our suppliers to our suppliers to our customers, through a competent team with a vision of a vision of continuous improvement and its permanence and long-term permanence.

Quality Objectives



Meet customer requirements in terms of quality and delivery time to ensure customer satisfaction.


Continuous Improvement

To contribute to the continuous improvement of our customers through the fulfillment of value-added processes.



To increase the competence of our employees in order to promote their development and continuous their development and the continuous improvement of our processes.

Our Business Strategy

Our long-term growth is centered on the opportunities we create and then provide to our partners.

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Continuous Improvement

Química Sagitario is always looking for continuous process improvement. Certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 are pillars of our company, which have helped us to have clear, well-documented processes that allow our operation to be efficient. The commitment of each of the people who are part of our great team has been fundamental to offer the best quality in our products, and always deliver the best service and attention to all our customers and business partners.

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With more than two decades of experience in marketing and distributing specialty chemicals and high performance products

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Our infrastructure makes us leaders in our industry.

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